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Appel d'offres anglais - répondre aux marchés anglais

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As a number of companies, you must reply to tenders in order to obtain a contract. In order to improve the success rate of your companies’ projects we can help you, in no matter what the field, to optimize your briefs and thus improving your chances to gain the contract.

Firstly DREYER Agency suggests they initiate an audit of your current technical report, a service which we strongly recommend, because it will be conducted at our expense at no cost to your company. The dynamics of our Agency is to find the weaknesses in your technical offer to make it more relevant and much better adapted to obtaining a contract. Furthermore, this study will have the advantage of allowing you to estimate, without further cost to your company, the skill level of DREYER Agency.

You just need to give us your field of activity (for example: Construction, Public works or Service recipients) and then select the formula which tallies with your budget and hopes of success with your tenders.


Formula n°1 BASIC Example of immediate downloadable memory « 72% success »

Formula n°2 EXCELLENT Model of immediate downloadable memory « 84% success »

Formula n°3 PRESTIGE Custom made technical memory for aparticular tender « 97% success »


Rates and order forms are available on request.

For more information you can contact us on 00262 692 80 80 54

Leader in supporting tenders, DREYER Agency has more than 30 years experience in this specific domain with, up to now, 2200 customer references worldwide !


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Agence Dreyer

MEMOIRE TECHNIQUE est un document demandé par les acheteurs publics ou le maître d'ouvrage pour apprécier la valeur technique de l'offre, aussi pour répondre efficacement aux appels d'offres Français, l'Agence DREYER accompagne et assiste les entreprises à la rédaction du mémoire technique de qualité dans la réponse aux marchés publics. Donnez-vous toutes les chances de remporter vos marchés appels d'offres !

MEMORY TECHNIQUE is a document requested by public purchasers or the contracting authority to assess the technical value of the offer, also to respond effectively to international tenders, the DREYER agency accompanies and assists companies in the drafting of the technique of quality memory in response to public procurement. Give you every chance to win your tenders contracts!





A très bientôt pour de fructueux échange et d'authentiques succès !